Popular Tonkatsu Restaurant, Marugo(丸五)@Akihabara, Tokyo

  Akihabara is a good town for sightseeing. There are many comic, anime and electronics shops. Most of tourists from abroad will visit to Akihabara. However, it is difficult to find a good restaurants in Akihabara. Because you can see a lot of fast food shops and restaurants easily . Of course if you don’t foucus on tastes they are OK. However if you want to eat good dishes, Akihabara is  not so good.
 Marugo (丸五) has served good quality Tonkatsu for a long time in Akihabara. This Tonkatsu restaurant is very very popular and a lot of Japanese visit the restaurant to eat Tonkatsu. Tonkatsu is Japanese style and deep fried pork cutlets. It doesn’t look like traditional Japanese dish. Actually, Japanese started to eat meat about 150 years ago and the history is not so long compared to those of the other countries.  However, Tonkatsu is a favorite and original food for Japanese.
Tastes of tonkatsu is depend on restaurants. In the case of the tonkatsu served at Marugo, pork is thick and has soft texture.
This is rosu-katsu teisyoku (ロースかつ定食,JPY 1750, loin cutlet with rice and miso soup) and the most standerd. It is enjoyed with Tonkatsu sause by yourself. If the amount of rice is not enough for you, you can order rice again for free (only once).
There are some types of tonkatsu. If you want to order low-fat meat, Hire-katsu teisyoku (ヒレかつ定食,JPY2000, fillet cutlet with rice and miso soup)
As I wrote, Marugo is a popular restaurant, so it is crowded at lunch and dinner time. You should be carefully the timing to go.
Marugo (丸五)
Detailed informationAddress: 1-8-14, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
Open hours: 11:30-L.O.14:30, 17:00-L.O.20:00
Closed: Monday and the third Tuesday
Budget: JPY 2000-3000
Credit card: No, only cash
Access: on foot from Akihabara station (10 min, JR line)
Recommended and Keywords: Rosu-katsu teisyoku (ロースかつ定食,JPY 1750, loin cutlet with rice and miso soup), Hire-katsu teisyoku (ヒレかつ定食,JPY2000, fillet cutlet with rice and miso soup), Toku-hire-katsu (特ヒレかつ,JPY 2000, high quality fillet cutlet without rice), Toku-rosu-katsu (特ロースかつ, JPY 1750,  high quality loin cutlet without rice), Waka-dori-katsu teisyoku (若鳥かつ定食,JPY1400, Chiken cutlet with rice and miso soup), Kuruma-ebi-fry (車海老フライ,Fried Prawn, JPY1700). Nikuyose (肉寄せ,special meat pate for starter, JPY 700). Kakuni (角煮,boild pork with sause for starter, JPY 500).


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