Tasteful Sukiyaki restaurant, Imahan honten(今半本店)@Asakusa, Tokyo

 Wagyu (和牛,Japanese beef) such as Kobe beef is very popular in all over the world. Sukiyaki is a famous Japanese beef dish to foreign tourists. There are some popular sukiyaki restaurants in Tokyo but the price is too expensive. Imahan-honten (今半本店) is located in Asakusa and serves Sukiyaki with traditional atmosphere and reasonable price.
Sukiyaki has 2 major types of traditional style  and Imahan-honten serves traditional Tokyo (Kanto)-style Sukiyaki.
There are some Imahan restaurant but the Imahan-hoten is the original restaurant which has been opened since 1895.
In the restaurants, there are classical Japanese-style table and Tatami. You can eat dishes with traditional atmosphere.
My recommendations are Sukiyaki set (すき焼きセット,Sukiyaki with rice, JPY3150) and Jyo Sukiyaki (上すき焼き,Higher grade Sukiyaki without rice, JPY 4200).
Sukiyaki is cooked by this pot.
The beef for Jyo-Sukiyaki.
The beef for Sukiyaki set. The amout is smaller tha that of Jyo-sukiyaki.
The prices include vegetables.
Firstly, a stuff cooks Sukiyaki at your table and then you will do by your self. It’s very interesting.
Should not boil the beefs too much, the meat will have hard texture.
Of course the tastes is very nice. If you like the teriyaki taste, you love sukiyaki absolutely.
On traditional style, we eat beef with fresh hen egg.
Imahan-honten has the menu in English
1. If you want to order additional meats, of course it’s possible.
2. At lunch time, there is a lunch sukiyaki with cheaper price but if you want to eat Japanese beef, I don’t recommend it. The meat is lower grade and imported.
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P.S. Probably my English is not so good because I’ve been learning English. Please give me some latitude.
Imahan-honten (今半本店)
Detailed informationAddress: 1-19-7, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo.
Open hours: 11:30-L.O.14:30 and 16:00-L.O.20:00(weekday) , 11:30-L.O. 20:00 (weekend and holiday)
Closed: Thuesday
Budget: JPY 3500-5000
Credit card: No, only cash
Access: on foot from Asakusa station (10 min, Tokyo metro)
Recommended and Keywords: Sukiyaki set (すき焼きセット), Jyo Sukiyaki (上すき焼き,Higer grade Sukiyaki without rice), Tokusen Sukiyaki (Special Sukiyaki without rice).


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