My favorite Unagi restaurant in Ginza, Chikuyotei(竹葉亭) @ Ginza, Tokyo★

  Chikuyotei (竹葉亭) is one of my favorite restaurants. The restaurant is located in the heart of Ginza. Chikuyotei has a long history about 100 years and famous as a restaurant that has served dishes of Unagi (eel).
  Unagi is typically Japanese food. The dish was originally eaten among the common people but nowadays price of eel is increasing because the population of eel has reduced. The problem become news every summer in Japan , because it is considered that eel is a summer food in Japan. Japanese believe that able to avoid suffering from the summer heat by eating eel. However there are no scientific evidences and historians pointed out it came from the advertising of Unagi restaurant during Edo period. Also it is considered that Gennai Hiraga advised to the restaurant.
 Chikuyotei has served Unagi dishes and also traditional Japanese dishes with reasonable price in spite of other restaurants in Ginza serves dishes with higher price.
There are 2 types of table in Chikuyotei, but I recommend Japanese-style tatami on the upper floor.
 Before eating Unagi as a main dish, you can order some Japanese dish as starters. Ohitashi (おひたし) is a typical way to eat green vegetables for Japanese because we  had originally little culture to eat  flesh vegetables such as salad. Boiled spinach is soaked in Japanese style soup stock and flavored with salt and soy sauce. Lavor is used as the topping.
  Sliced Kamaboko ( fish gel product) with wasabi is called as Itasawa (板わさ). Consumption of Surimi which is material of fish gel is the highest in all over the world. The quality of the Kamaboko is good. Additionally, the wasabi is true wasabi !! Most of wasabi used in all over the world is normally fake. (That is only horseradish powder)
Ebi-shinjyo (海老しんじょ) is fried shrimp ball. The texture and flavor are very nice.
Nasu-torimiso (なす鳥味噌) is served only during autumn and winter. Miso-sause with minced chicken is on the fried egg plant. The taste is also very nice and  I think most of foreign tourists love it.
  This is Unagi-don A (eel bowl,うなぎ丼A). There are many types of Unagi dish such as Unagi bowl, grilled unagi with rice etc. I think that the dish is the most authentic and the price is reasonable.
  Chikuyotei is famous and traditional unagi restaurant but, frankly speaking, Tai-chazuke (鯛茶漬) is the most favorite dish for me among the menu of Chikuyotei. Chikuyotei also recommend Tai-chazuke as a special dish. Tai-sashimi ( sashimi of red sea bream) with special sesame sauce is served with rice. It’s very delicious !! In the case of Tai-chazuke, if the amount of rice is not enough, you can order only rice again for free.
Normal amount of Tai-chazuke is not enough for me, and I can’t stop to order Oomori-Tai-chazuke (large-sized dish, 大盛鯛茶漬)。
Grinding sesame for topping by yourself.
Firstly, you will eat Tai-sashimi with rice directly.
Finally, put Tai-sashimi and sesames sauce on rice and pour Japanese tea to Tai and rice like the photo. This is Ochazuke, very popular food in Japan.
The menu of Chikuyotei.
There is an menu written in English with photos.
Chikuyotei is crowded every day but especially in summer. My favorite dish, Hiyasi-nasu (冷やし茄子,cold egg plant dish) is only served in summer. I strongly recommend the dish , please try it !! (of cource Chikuyotei is very good in all season).
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P.S. Probably my English is not so good because I’ve been learning English. Please give me some latitude.
Detailed informationAddress: 5-8-3, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
Open hours: 11:30-L.O.14:30 and 16:30-L.O.20:00(weekday) , 11:30-L.O. 20:00 (weekend and holiday)
Closed: Year-end and  new year holiday
Budget: JPY 2000-5000
Credit card: VISA,  JCB, American express
Access: on foot from Ginza station (1 min, Tokyo metro), Yurakucho station (10min, JR line)
Recommended and Keywords: Unagi-don (eel bowl, うなぎ丼),Tai-chazuke (鯛茶漬),Maguro-chazuke(Tuna-chazuke,鮪茶漬),Ohitashi (おひたし), Ebi-shinjyo (fried shrimp ball), Nasu-torimiso (なす鳥味噌), Hiyashi-nasu (冷やし茄子,cold egg plant dish only in summer), Oomori (large-sized,大盛),Gohan-okawari (give me  rice again, for free only when you order chazuke. of course when you pay extra cost, it’s OK anytime and any dish)


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