Fukamachi (深町); One of the best Tempura restaurant in Japan @ Kyobashi, Tokyo ★★

Nowadays, Fukamachi has a reputation of the best Tempura restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. The restaurant has gotten one Michelin star and the top rating among numerous tempura restaurants in Taberogu (食べログ: the largest restaurant review site of Japan).
In fact , the taste of tempura of Fukamachi is excellent , I forced to agree to these opinion. The problem is only that it is difficult to reserve our table.
The tempura of Fukamachi completely differs from normal tempura; ingredients are selected very carefully and batter of the tempura is extremely thin like silk. The chef always change oil produced from unroasted sesame to suppress deterioration of the flavor by oxidation.
For lunch, there are three types of menus (7000-9000JPY) and Tendon is also served only on weekdays. Today, I ‘d like to introduce my recommendation menu : No.2 (9000JPY).
Maki ebi (Small Kuruma prawn: Marsupenaeus japonicus)
First of all, Maki-ebi is served. In the case of high class-Tempura restaurant,  big shrimp is not used as an ingredient. Tastes and texture of the small size has been considered to be better than those of the large.


Normally, Tempura is supposed to eat dipped in Tentsuyu ( with grated Daikon radish) , but recently chefs often recommend guests eating it with salt .


Taranome (タラの芽: Aralia Sprout)
Fukinoto (ふきのとう: Butterbur sprout)
Both of Taranome and Fukinoto are popular but served only in Spring.  Japanese feel Spring aroma by eating these spring vegetables.

Kiss (きす: Sillago japonica)

Kiss is also a common foodstuff for Tempura. Tempura has been spread widely in the late Edo period , one of the reasons that rich seafood which are suitable for ingredients of Tempura, is caught in Edo Bay.
Takenoko (たけのこ: Bamboo shoot)
Takenoko is also one of the typical ingredients in spring. 

Shiitake (しいたけ: Shiitake mushroom)
Shiitake is also a typical ingredient for Tempura.

Hotate (ほたて: Japanese scallop Patinopecten yessoensis)

Hotate is heated to medium rare for bringing out the sweetness. 

Asparagus (アスパラガス) 
Anago (あなご: Conger Conger myriaster)
Kakiage (かきあげ: Mixed shrimp and adductor muscle of clam Mactra chinensis Tempura)
Finally, Kakiage is served with rice. Costumers can choose how to eat them, Kakiage with rice (separated), Kakiage-don (Kakiage rice bowl: above phote), Tenbara (Kakiage blended with rice) and Tencha (Tempura chazuke).
It is said that Kakiage is very difficult to be cooked, so
Miso soup with Sijimi (しじみ: Freshwater clam Corbicula japonica)


Tsukemono (漬物: Japanese pickled vegetables)


Everything is good!! You should visit to this restaurant, if you want to know the true taste of tempura!!
Detailed Information 
Fukamachi (深町)
Address: 2-5-2, Kyobashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
Open hours: 11:30-L.O.14:00 and 17:00-L.O.21:00
Closed: 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month; Monday  .
Budget: Lunch; JPY 10000 , Dinner; JPY 15000
Credit card: OK (only in Dinner)
Booking: Must
English: Little
Access: on foot from Kyobashi station (3min, Tokyo metro)
Note: Tendon (Tempura rice bowl) can be ordered only in weekday lunch (JPY3000). It is reasonable but you can not reserved your table.

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