Historic shrine in the heart of Tokyo, Kanda myojin (Kanda Shrine;神田明神) @ Akihabara, Tokyo

 Kanda myojin (Kanda Shrine) is located within 10 to 15 min on foot from Akihabara train station. So it’s very convenient to visit for sightseeing. The shrine was established about 1300 years ago. During the Edo Period, Kanda shrine was revered as the Edo Sochinju ( the center to pray for local gods).
Woman who wear a white short and a long red skirt is called “Miko”. She supports priests.
The main gate of the shrine. Red color is considered a talisman against evil and harm. So most of facility of shrine are colored by red typically.
Close to the main gate, there is signboard that the history is explained in English.
Most of facilities and buildings were serious damaged during WW2 and then rebuild.
But luckily this main facility which had fire-safety could endure  the war damage.
This kanji “神田明神” means Kanda myojin. In general, Jinja in Japanese is translated as shrine in English but myojin is also translated as shrine.
This is Ema. We Japanese write our dreams  on wood boards and dedicate it to shrine. In doing so, it is said that dreams come true.
Ema can be purchased in the shop next to the main facility. 
The price is 500 JPYen per a piece. 
This is Sazare ishi .  Sazare ishi is used  in the lyrics of Japanese national anthem. 
Kanda shrine has Omikuji vending machine. Omikuji is Japanese-style oracle.
To insert 200 JPYen, you can purchased Okimuji. 
Omikuji written in English is very rare !! and  Omikuji vending machine is interesting.  Lion doll in it choose your fortune. You should try it.
My fortune was very good!!

Ho was this article ? 

In the next article, I will introduce Amanoya which is the famous and popular shop in front of Kanda shrine. Almost all people who visit to Kanda shrine drink Amazake in the shop.

See ya.

Kanda shrine

Detailed information
Open hours: 9:00-16:00 daily (shrine); 24 hours daily (grounds)
Admission charge: free
Access: on foot from Akihabara station or Ochanomizu Station (10min)

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