Traditional Amazake Cafe, Amanoya(天野屋) in front of Kanda myojin@Akihabara, Tokyo

Amanoya (天野屋) is Japanese traditional-style cafe in front of Kanda myojin. The cafe has been opened since 1846. Almost all people who visit to Kanda myojin (Kanda shrine) rest and drink in the cafe.
The shop is also Amanoya and sell souvenirs. If you don’t have enough time to drink Amazake, you can drink it while standing with discount price.
The entrance of the cafe is next to the souvenir shop.
You can enjoy the classical atmosphere of Japan. 
Amazake (甘酒) is a traditional drink made from rice and rice malt. Taste is sweet. You will feel aroma due to fermentation but not strong. The price is JPY 450. ( While standing, JPY 350).  You can choose hot or cold of it, but hot Amazake is normal. The food that is brown on a small plate is Namemiso to take away the after sweet taste of Amazake.
Mochi made from sticky rice is also a tradational food of Japan.  It is flavored with sugar or soy source etc. This dish is Mix mochi “ミックスもち” and flavored with  soy source, nori (laver) on the left side , kinako (soy bean powder) and sugar on the right side. They are called Isobeyaki (left side) and Kinako mochi (right side). Isobeyaki and Kinako mochi are the most common way of eating.
How was the article? Amanoya has other attractive menu dish like Kuzumochi (くず餅), Cream Siratama Anmitsu (クリーム白玉あんみつ), Inaka shiruko (田舎汁粉) and Kori Amazake (氷甘酒,only in summer) etc.
I would absolutely like you to try that out.
If the article is useful to you, please give me some comments to it and good suggestion for my English improvement .
See ya.
Amanoya Detailed information
Address: 18-15, 2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, In front of Kanda myojin.
Open hours: 10:00-18:00 (weekday and Saturday); 10:00-17:00 (Sunday and holiday)
Budget: JPY 500-1000
Credit card: No, only cashAccess: on foot from Akihabara station or Ochanomizu Station (10min)


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